What We Offer

Diesel Fire Pumps

Firewater’s diesel pumps are arguably the most advanced in the New Zealand market.

Based on intelligent design and 10 years of fine-tuning, these pumps are made to work and made to last.

They are trusted by most of New Zealand’s large utility companies, effectively making them the industry standard.

Electric Fire Pumps

Electric motor driven pumping units are also required on sprinkler systems.

All electric units built by Galbraith Engineering Limited are tested and checked to the same standards as the diesel units.

Pump Stations

Galbraith Engineering Limited supplies pump sets fitted into container pump stations.

These fully-insulated and complete turnkey containerised pump stations are ready for connection to your water supply.

Painted in marine epoxy coating to withstand the elements, they are easily freighted or shipped to site.

Ideal for use in fire protection, snow making, irrigation industry, or any setup where time and money can be saved on building pump houses.

Pump Skid Assemblies

The benefits of these are:

  1. Fuel pump and controller integral to the pump skid.
  2. Suction/delivery pipe, town mains bypass, test return, check valves and monitored valves are included.
  3. Saves costs on installation.

Irrigation and Frost-fighting Pumps

With the same high standard of design and manufacture we are able to supply diesel and electric pump systems – ranging from trailer-mounted systems to large-scale vineyard protection – to fit your specific needs.

Snow Making

Galbraith Engineering Limited supplies both diesel and electric pump sets into the snow making industry.

Automatic start control systems are our specialty, enabling the pump to start from the temperature-controlled snow making guns.

We back up our equipment with our service department which is available on call should it be needed.

Pipe Fabrication

At Galbraith Engineering Limited we have an extensive Pipe Fabrication workshop.

This facility enables us to deliver the total fire protection package for customers.

All sprinkler pipework is pressure tested and a performance certification is supplied.

What Makes Firewater Pumps So Good?

At Galbraith Engineering Limited our pumps are manufactured to the highest quality using only the very best componentry, and are designed to meet the individual needs of our customers.

Our customers are paramount, and we strive to maintain excellent customer relations through our service.


Our quality management systems allow us to produce not only the best products, but also a cost-effective ones.

Galbraith Engineering Limited are ISO 9001:2015 accredited, a member of the FPANZ, FPAA, as well as site safe and Isnetworld members.


Being innovative, we are continually striving to provide the very best product with the latest available technology.


We provide a full design, manufacture and installation service using best-in-class pumps backed by expert technicians with many years experience.

Firewater is the “go to” company for large fire volume pumps.


Our skilled and dedicated staff take pride in producing high-quality products.

Performance Testing

We provide certified performance curves for all our fire-suppression pumps.

Before release from our factory, all units are hydrostatically tested – using FAT (Factory Acceptance Testing) – for conformance with NZS 4541:2013 specifications.

Flows up to 15,000 L/min and pressures up to 3,000 KPa can be recorded.

We pride ourselves on our products’ reliability and overall finish.